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The Assyrian Aid Society in Damascus and Ethnic Cleansing of the Assyrian Christian Community in Iraq


By Ralph Taylor

Everyone has heard of the Kurds, Shi'a and Sunni Muslims but few people are aware that Iraq has the oldest surviving Christian population in the world . In fact Assyrians still speak Aramaic, the language that Jesus spoke. The consequence of war has forced many to flee to Syria and other Middle East countries for safety. I was in Damascus at the beginning of May undertaking a short visit for the UK Assyrian Aid Society. I cannot forget the images that I saw, the voices I heard the tears and the laughter, the eagerness of those who shared with me their traumatic experiences and the silence of those, who out of sheer grief couldn't share anything at all. I enjoyed the company of the Assyrian folks I met I could relate to them as their Christian culture is not too dissimilar to mine. The Assyrian Aid Society staff in Damascus , Syria , who are themselves displaced people, help their fellow Iraqis of all religions to get hospital treatment and operations. The Syrian government is to be commended for accepting large numbers of displaced people - a fact not appreciated by western governments. Continue reading


Jubilee Campaign's Wilfred Wong describes the suffering of Iraq's Christians in Sword Magazine. Click here to read his article.



Dutch MP's Report Highlights Persecution of Assyrians in Iraq

Joel Voordewind

Click here to read the report


Assyrian Aid Society of America Provides for Life Saving Surgery On Baby Kirillos ShamuelDr Samir Johna, Baby Kirillos & Mother
Dr Samir Johna with Vivian & Baby Kirillos

Kirillos Shamuel was born with a broken heart. He came into a world that was - that still is - falling to pieces around him: the sounds of car bombs detonating at random on busy streets, the cries of men, women and children pelted by shards of glass and twisted metal, buildings that once housed stores and hospitals flattened to rubble and dust.

Had he been born here - where 30,000 children are born each year with congenital heart disease - Kirillos would have undergone surgery immediately to mend the hole in his tiny heart. But he was born in Baghdad, Iraq, where bombing victims demand urgent care and a sick baby is simply deemed unlucky. Continue reading







The Tree of Life
Tree of Life

An online publication of the Assyrian Aid Society of America.


AAS-Iraq and IMC Partner to Assist 500 Displaced Christian Families

The Assyrian Aid Society-Iraq, in parntnership with the International Medical Corps, distributed essential aid to more than 500 displaced families in Alqush and Telkif (Nineveh Plain) in May.

Click on the IMC logo below to read about IMC's mission in Iraq


Renowned International Violinist In Support of Iraqi Christians To Run A Marathon

Ning Kam
Ning Kam

A renowned international violinist,, Miss Ning Kam of Singapore, has graciously chosen the Assyrian Aid Society UK as her preferred charity to benefit from funds raised through a marathon Ning will be taking part in on September 11. Ning is determined to raise as much as possible through your sponsorship, so please show your support. You can find out more details of the marathon and how you can donate/sponsor by clicking on this link. You can also watch videos of Ning performing on her website -

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Dutch Netwerk TV Report from the Nineveh Plains on the murder & oppression of Assyrians

This video is subtitled in English

President of AAS-UK & Two Sons
Purchase Centre for locals in Nineveh

Napoleon Patto, President AAS-Iraq and
Emanuel Kelaita, President AAS-UK Meet in Dohuk

On the 10th of October 2007, AAS-UK received an email from AAS-Iraq asking for our assistance in purchasing a building in Sharafiya within the Alqush district in Nineveh. Sharafiya is inhabited by more than 150 families and were in need of a building to be used by students as a youth centre and by the Women's Union.

Three days later on the 13th, the building was purchased and additional funds allocated for refurbishment and the purchase of furniture. The total cost of this project was paid for by the President of AAS-UK, Mr Emanuel Kelaita and his two sons, Cliff & Roy.

On behalf of the Assyrian Aid Society, We'd like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to philanthropists Emanuel, Cliff & Roy for their continued efforts in providing for our nation in Iraq. View Images

Incipient Genocide
Report Highlights The Ethnic Cleansing Of Assyrians In Iraq

Assyrian International News Agency

To learn just about everything you'll need to know about the Assyrians (also known as Chaldeans and Syriacs) and the latest news, visit the Assyrian International News Agency.


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British MP
"Politicians must act to save the language of Jesus" Edward Leigh MP in Northern Iraq

Edward Leigh says that only an Iraqi Christian province can preserve the Assyrian Church. Read his article in the Catholic Herald.


Purple Digest
Magazine of AAS-UK

Click on the Image to read

US Congress Approves $10 Million for Religious Minorities in the
Nineveh Plain

Michael Youash Michael Youash Project Director ISDP

The US Congress, through the Appropriations Sub-Committee on State and Foreign Operations, approved an ammendment to request $10 million in aid for internally displaced religious minorities in the Nineveh Plain.The amendment, which was unanimously passed, was introduced by Congressman Kirk (10th district, Illinois) and states:

The Committee is concerned about the plight of religious minorities in Iraq and intends that from within the unobligated amounts provided in previous years under the heading "Economic Support Fund" for Iraq, not less than $10,000,000 should be provided to assist religious minorities in the Nineveh Plain region of Iraq, of which $8,000,000 should be provided for internally-displaced families and $2,000,000 should be provided for microfinance programs.

Click here to watch a presentation, "Creating a Promise of Tomorrow" by Michael Youash.











Congress Urge President Bush To Heed Pope's Advice And Protect Iraq's Christian Population

As Members of congress who share the concerns of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI for the welfare of Iraq's Christian population, we are writing to express our gratitude for your attention to this critical humanitarian issue, and to urge you heed the Pope's urgent advice and devote increased resources toward ensuring the welfare of the endangered Iraqi Christian population. Continue reading or go to the letter signed by 73 Members of Congress addressed to the President.


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